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Name:Lavender Brown
Birthdate:Jun 20
Location:London, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
After the final battle at Hogwarts, Lavender, like Bill Weasley, was left with many marks on her face and a preference for rarer meat. Determined to restore her good looks, Lavender took a nursing job at St. Mungo's. She worked with multiple wizard Healers and even a Muggle plastic surgeon, her scars are barely noticeable. Now she's 100% committed to healing others.

That being said, she hasn't changed too much. While she's a touch more somber about the world, she's still a flirt if she gets the chance. She can be bouncy and bubbly, but doesn't like to talk about the Battle or her scars.

She's growing to like the world post-Battle and post-school. She's developing quite the affinity for Muggle fashion.

Aged up Lavender Brown. Follows book canon save for the fact that she lived. Both muse and mun are over the age of 18. I own nothing related to Lavender Brown or the Harry Potter universe, and I am not the pb, Piper Perabo.
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